SKUTT WINS 19 state title in 20 years!!!


2015-16 CLASS B STATE DUAL Runner-ups!!!



The Wrestling Story Book


One of Skutt Catholic’s most notable achievements over the past two decades has been the record-breaking success of SkyHawk Wrestling. 14 state championships over the course of 20 years places Skutt Catholic’s wrestling program as one of the elite high school athletic programs in the country.

How do you motivate teenagers? What are the steps to creating an athletic powerhouse year after year? How do you inspire greatness? How do you manage greatness? How do you handle defeat? How do you handle tragic circumstances? What common characteristics are found in state champions? Through a series of interviews with several team members, family members, coaches, and staff, sports writer Craig Sesker seeks to capture the essence of what it takes to reach the pinnacle in a sport that requires immense determination, keen focus, and enormous heart.

Paralleling Skutt Catholic’s own twenty year history, SkyHawk wrestling’s stories of devastating tragedies, gut-wrenching defeats, and heartwarming triumphs reveal one constant denominator: a complete dedication to excellence. It is the commitment of an entire community that has led to this moment.

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