Practice Exam for Sixth & Seventh Grade Students

On Sat., Jan. 21, 2017* all current sixth and seventh graders are invited to take the Skutt Catholic High School practice exam.  The test will consist of a standardized assessment of reading, mathematical, science, and language skills. The test is a measurement of educational development. Students taking this test experience testing conditions similar to those of the eighth grade scholarship and entrance exam.

The test will begin at 8 a.m. and end at approximately 11:45 and will be followed by a pizza lunch. Then, at 12 p.m., we will be offering optional 45-minute workshops. The workshops cost an additional $5.00. We encourage you to stay and participate. This is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with what Skutt Catholic has to offer!

* Make-up sessions are not offered for the practice exam or workshops.

Online registration is now OPEN.  Click HERE to register.  If you have any questions please contact Director of Admissions/Interim President Tim Bloomingdale at

Discover Skutt Catholic Optional Workshops:

SkyHawk Science Exploration
Kathy Wawers, Science Instructor
Dawn Fuelberth, Science Instructor
Get in touch with your scientific self as we delve into the chemical world with exploration in freezing point depression through an ice cream making activity.  Also, play with catapults, rockets, and remote control cars to discover the physical laws of motion.

What's this CAD stuff?
David Emanuel, Computer Instructor
Explore the use of computers to design and draw objects and even entire buildings.  Students will leave with their first drawing using the AutoCAD 2015 software used at Skutt Catholic High School

Melted Wax
Molly Conway, Art Instructor
Create a masterpiece and discover the fun of melting wax!  We will combine crayons and heat to achieve cool and creative pieces of art.  Two projects will be available during this workshop: Abstract Printmaking and Drip Painting.  Please bring a small to medium sized canvas or an object (picture frame, figurine, etc.) that needs a new, more colorful life for the drip painting portion.  Both projects are as fun to make as they will be to take home.

Train to be a Champion
Kevin Schumacher, Powerlifting Coach
Laura Cushing, Math Instructor and MA in Exercise Science
Find out how SC produces so many state champions.  Learn various plyometric exercises to enhance your performance no matter what sport you participate in and then practice these techniques in our weight room.  Clothing suitable for exercising should be worn.