Skutt Catholic Intramural Sports

Fall – Coed Volleyball

Winter – Coed Basketball

Spring – Ultimate Frisbee

Students form their own teams and participate in 6 week seasons that end with an end of season tournament.

Games are played on Sunday afternoons.

Intramural Volleyball

General Rules:

Games are played to 25 points (rally scoring); best of three (3rd game rally to 15)

Official rules of Nebraska high school volleyball.In addition, we will be enforcing the following coed rule:each multiple touch possession MUST include ball contact by both a male and female team member.

To maintain the coed nature of the program, a minimum of two players of each gender must be on the court at all times. If you cannot field a team with at least two people of each gender, you must play short the player(s) who is/are absent.Teams can play with as few as four players, but a place must be left in the rotation for the absent player. The team will be penalized a point and side out each time that player’s spot is supposed to serve.In addition, even with partial teams the coed multiple touch possession rule MUST be followed.

All players MUST be SCHS students and MUST be on the team’s roster prior to the day of a match.Failure to notify Mrs. Reeves of an absence prior to game day will result in loss of seeding in end of season tournament.

Players must exhibit good conduct at all times.Any player or spectator who violates any SCHS handbook rule will be given demerits.Multiple violations will result in disqualification from the intramural program.

Matches will start promptly at the time scheduled.Refs will not wait for missing players.

Skutt volleyball players may not participate.It is the responsibility of all other participants to check with their coaches to determine whether or not they are allowed to play.

Team captains are responsible for making sure players are aware of and follow all rules.

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