AdvancedED Accreditation

Accreditation Status

  • Skutt Catholic has earned AdvancED’s highest level of accreditation for secondary schools, College Prep.
  • Skutt Catholic High School is fully accredited by AdvancED, the most respected international school accreditation agency.

Accreditation Process

  • In order to maintain accreditation, all schools accredited by AdvancED are required to: 
    • Exhibit quality performance according to the Standards for Quality Schools.
    • Engage in an ongoing process of continuous improvement.
    • Exhibit high performance through a Quality Assurance Review (QAR) every five years.
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School Improvement Process:  Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Skutt Catholic is certainly a learning community – a place where students & teachers, families & friends, community members & visitors feel a tangible sense of caring & welcome, faith & learning, excitement & success. However, there is always room to improve, there are always ways to grow and become stronger. For this reason Skutt Catholic has embraced the Professional Learning Community (PLC) model of school improvement, developed by acclaimed educators and researchers Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour & Robert Marzano.

The PLC model can be described as a return to good old common sense. In our current day of constant educational reform and persistent debate on innumerable theories of learning, the PLC school improvement model asks schools to center their attention on four very tangible questions regarding student learning:

  1. What knowledge and skills should every student acquire as a result of this school, this department, this course, this unit of instruction, and this lesson?
  2. How will we know when each student has acquired the essential knowledge and skills?
  3. How will we respond when some students do not learn?
  4. How will we respond when some students have clearly achieved the intended outcomes?

Working as small collaborative groups during every late start school day, Skutt Catholic faculty members have started the process of defining and refining essential learning outcomes. In future years each PLC will establish valid internal assessment systems to measure student learning and will create systems of enrichment and extension for students who require a boost or an added challenge in order to meet their potential.

In addition to this important curriculum work, Skutt Catholic has also organized every staff member into PLC groups to study and enhance the school’s Vision, Mission and daily practice. PLCs dedicated to major components of Skutt Catholic such as: Catholic Identity, Vision and Mission, Teaching and Learning, Classroom Management and Discipline, Recruitment, and Technology research best practice and develop targeted action plans for improvement.

PLC literature states, “Working together to build shared knowledge on the best way to achieve goals and meet the needs of clients is exactly what professionals in any field are expected to do.” Through our efforts as a Professional Learning Community, the faculty and staff of Skutt Catholic High School embrace the challenge of improving our ability to meet the needs of our students so they can achieve their potential as students, citizens, and members of the Faith community.