College Preparatory

  • Each and every course at Skutt Catholic High School is truly College Preparatory. With over 170 course offerings, students are provided many opportunities to delve deeper into their current learning interests and uncover many new academic passions.


  • With over 50 Honors level courses throughout the curriculum, high ability and highly motivated students are guaranteed to have many avenues to expand their learning. Whether their interests lie in Computer Technology, Business/Economics, the Fine and Performing Arts, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Theology, World Languages, or all of the above; opportunities abound to push one’s learning to the next level.

AP/Dual Enrollment

  • Skutt Catholic students have the opportunity to earn the equivalent of two years of college credit through our Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment program. 15 courses within the curriculum have qualified as AP and/or Dual Enrollment. Our AP/Dual Enrollment students regularly earn high marks and secure significant credits toward their college requirements. More information about our Dual Enrollment partnerships is located on the Guidance Page.

Graduation Requirements


Required Minimum

Theology 8
English 8
Mathematics 6
Science 6
Social Studies 6
World Languages 4
Character Skills 2
Health/P.E. 2
Fine Arts 2
Technology 1
Electives 10

Credits are earned per semester. A one semester class equals one credit. A two semester class equals two credits. A one semester block class which meets two periods per day also equals two credits. A two semester block class equals four credits.