Skutt Catholic SkyHawk

The SkyHawk is so named because it soars higher than others of its species. It is a messenger calling others to reach their highest potential and be closer to God. The SkyHawk always exhibits the wisdom of learning, self-discipline and concern for others. It is viewed by peers as a leader and protector. A powerful sense of humility and justice guide the SkyHawk in action. The SkyHawk makes decisions carefully through prudent use of intellect, will, and emotion for the benefit of others. While non-predatory, the SkyHawk is a fierce, but honorable competitor. Opponents of the SkyHawk know that it will never quit and that it can win graciously, yet lose a contest with dignity. The SkyHawk loves the beauty and abundant natural resources of its Nebraska habitat. Its dominant symbolic color, green, represents the hope that all creatures will be good stewards of the abundant gifts that God has given us. The color black, the presence of all color, signifies that the SkyHawk embraces the diversity of all persons and strives toward the goal of global unity and respect for the dignity of human life. Its third symbolic color, silver, represents the shining light of the salvation promise that God has made to us.