All graduates of V.J. and Angela Skutt Catholic High School will:

Follow the teachings of Jesus in the context of the community of the Church

  • Discern one’s vocation in response to God’s call
  • Know how to pray
  • Participate in the life of the Church

Practice a code of moral behavior based on the principals of Catholic Christian beliefs

  • Respect and value the gift of life
  • Obey the civil laws of society
  • Respond to the needs of the marginalized in our community
  • Serve as good stewards of the environment

Strive for intellectual excellence and academic achievement

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Work effectively both cooperatively and independently
  • Develop a self-disciplined approach to learning
  • Make pursuit of self-directed learning a life-long priority
  • Utilize current technology effectively and appropriately
  • Communicate meaningfully through a variety of expressive media

Demonstrate an understanding of self and society

  • Recognize the family unit as an integral part of a faith-centered life
  • Actively invite and involve diversity in building community
  • Respect, appreciate, and celebrate cultural diversity

Develop personal integrity

  • Model moral convictions in interactions with others
  • Build trust and mutual respect in relationships
  • Reach out to others
  • Live his/her sexuality according to the teachings of the Church
  • Adopt and maintain a life-long approach to personal health
  • Practice healthy decision-making concerning nutrition and exercise
  • Accept one’s own body